Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many inbound and outbound quotes can I receive/generate each month?

Unlimited! There is no limit to the number of leads you can receive or the number of outbound quotes you can generate for your customers.

Q: Is there a commitment for my subscription?

Nope. It's a month to month deal. Cancel anytime.

Q: Do you guys take a % of each sale I make?

Nope! You receive 100% of the sale when a customer prepays. It goes directly into your PayPal account, we never even touch the funds. You only pay a small transaction fee with PayPal for using their payment systems, but we have no control over that.

Q: I have a lot of services and I change things often, can this still work for me?

Sure can. With our standard package you are able to create unlimited services and make them available to your customers at any time. You are in complete control.

Q: How do I account for possible premiums in regards to a customer's lawn?

Easy. You are allowed to create an unlimited number of possible premiums, surcharges and upsells. These can be things such as "Do you have a sprinkler system?" or "Are there many trees on your property?". You can then assign these premiums a surcharge percentage and if the customer checks off these items, the premiums will automatically be calculated accordingly and added to the cost of the quote. Premiums are assigned to each service, so only surcharges and upsells are shown to the customer based on the services they choose.

Q: How do I handle tax rates if I may need to charge my customers different rates based on where they are?

Easy. We have created a system that allows you to create unlimited tax rate options based on your customers location. Charge them different rates based on county, state, town, whatever you need to.

Q: Can I simply send my customers an invoice if I need to?

Sure can. With our standard or Enterprise package, you will be able to send custom invoices to your customers inbox. You can add as many invoice product / services as you'd like as well and add late fee penalties based on your terms that automatically get calculated on to the invoice if it's past due. You may also allow them to pay you online for the invoice, getting your money in your pocket quicker.

Q: Can my customers choose which services they'd like for a quote I generate for them?

You can generate outbound quotes 1 of 2 ways. You can select all the services you wish to include and have it calculate totals based on them, or you can allow the customer to choose from the services you wish to present to them and their totals will be calculated accordingly based on their selections. You're in complete control!

Q: Can I customize my customer's checkout options when they receive a quote?

Yes. We offer a few different options that you may make available to your customers when you send them a quote. These include "Prepay", "Sign up and bill me later", "Bill me monthly", "Interested", and "Not interested". You simply select the options you wish that customer to be able to choose. All customer data is then stored within your account and can be viewed at any time, no matter what option they select.

Q: I have a min price I charge for lawn sizes under X amount of square feet. Can this work for those?

Yes. By entering a min required square footage and a min price for a specified service, if the customer's lawn size falls below that number, their service cost will default to your minimum.

Q: Is there any sort of disclaimer I can offer if the customer misrepresents their lawn in any way?

Yes, you are allowed to create your own Terms & Conditions that each customer must agree to in order to submit any checkout option. This gives you a platform to disclose your policies in regards to customer measurements, etc.

Q: Do I have to keep re-entering a customers information every time I want to generate an estimate for them?

Nope. The beautiful thing about outbound quoting is once you generate at least 1 quote for a customer they are automatically added to your "contact list". This list of contacts holds basic information about the customer such as name, email, address, their last property square footage measured, etc. By going to your contact list and clicking a button you can have all of their information auto-fill within your quote generation form. Simply select the services for their new quote, type out a message and your done. It's a no brainer for upsells and renewalls. The system also keeps track of how many estimates you generated for each contact and when the last one was sent.

Q: Can I import my current customer list and begin generating quotes for them?

You sure can. Easily upload your current customer list into your MLQ account via an excel form, to quickly generate outbound quotes for those customers. You may import these bits of data (first name, last name, email, address, city, state, zipcode, lawn size)

Q: What if I don't want to offer online payments for my services?

Not a problem. From within your account you can enable or disable this option. If disabled, customers will be able to get real time quotes for your services but will be given options at checkout that require you to manually follow up with the customer and collect payment however you see fit.

Q: Will I have access to all of my quoting leads and data?

Yes. Via your provider account you can access all of your past customer quote data, both inbound and outbound. Every time a customer fills out their information and clicks one of the 4 options presented to them, even if it's just to "save the quote" for their viewing later, you have access to that customer data and are free to follow up with the customer at any point in time.

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