Generate sales 24/7

By Placing our MLQ widget on your website or one of our badges you can allow your customers to generate quotes for your services and pricing 24/7. Wouldn't it be nice to come into the office in the morning and see a few new quotes sitting in your inbox and perhaps even some money in your account?

Main Features

  • List your available services.
  • Link your social media accounts.
  • Link customers directly from your website.

3 Types of lead generation

Lead Capture
By default, this feature is disabled, but you may enable it at any time. Lead capture requires the customer to provide basic contact information (name, email, phone, address) in order to proceed to measure their property and view your services. This information is then instantly emailed to you and is also stored within your MLQ account for review at any time. This enables you to follow up on leads regardless if they have completed the full quoting process.

Direct Traffic
MLQ provides graphical and textual website badges that can be placed on your current website or emails. When a customer clicks on the badge or your private URL (which you can link to any image or button you wish) they are brought to our measuring tool and only your services to generate their quotes. This helps keep your local competition out and gets you leads and sales as soon as you sign up.

Outbound Quoting
Only available in our standard or enterprise packages, we give you the ability to plug in a user's information, address, property size, custom message, and the services you wish to include in the quote. A price is then generated based on your service prices or a custom price you specify. The custom quote is then emailed directly to the user for purchase or followup. Couldn't be easier.

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