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By linking your account with your PayPal account, you can easily and instantly begin accepting payments directly. You can even create your own Terms & Conditions that the user must agree to in order to proceed with the online purchase. This helps protect you against customers misrepresenting their measurements and other pitfalls.

Main Features

  • Enable or disable the option for customers to prepay for your services. If disabled they will be able to submit to you their measurement and service selections and you may follow up with the customer however you see fit.
  • Link your account to PayPal via your PayPal email account address.
  • All transactions done securely through PayPal
  • Get cash flow into your business quickly and easily
  • You control your own Terms & Conditions the customer must agree to before they are allowed to prepay
  • Offer additional checkout options on outbound quotes such as billed per month, per application, bill upon completion, prepay by check, equal payments, interested, and more.

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