Add Surcharges, Premiums & Upsells

With a standard or enterprise account you have the ability to create unlimited premiums/surcharges and upsells for your customers that you can assign to your services.

Surcharges/Premiums can be created and applied to specific services. For example, if you add a 10% surcharge to properties that have sprinkler systems, you would create a surcharge called 'sprinker system' and give it a surcharge rate of 10 percent (or whatever % you'd like). You would then apply this surcharge to a service, such as lawn mowing. When the customer adds that service to their quote it will then ask them if they have a sprinkler system. If they check it off as yes, a 10 percent surcharge gets applied to the total amount of that service being quoted.

Main Features

  • Create an unlimited number of possible surcharges, premiums and upsells
  • Apply multiple surcharges, premiums and upsells to each of your services
  • Users are only shown the possible premiums and upsells that apply to the services they choose.

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