Generate Custom Outbound Quotes Easily!

As a feature only available in our standard package, you are able to generate custom outbound qutoes directly emailed to your customers. This allows you to take a proactive approach to your marketing and sales. Our easy to use tool lets you generate a quote by selecting the services you wish to include, a personal message, and the ability to allow your customers to purchase your services directly. You are able to have your prices calculated automatically via your service prices and a property size or opt to manually override these values, and input a custom price.

Main Features

  • Generate custom quotes sent directly to your past and future customers.
  • Select the services you'd like to add with a click of a button.
  • Track if your customers viewed your quote.
  • Offer multiple checkout options including prepay, billed per month, per application, bill upon completion, prepay by check, equal payments, interested, and more
  • Keep track of all your outbound quotes and categorize them accordingly.
  • Advanced quote searching by customer name, email or quote ID
  • PDF emailed Receipts automatically sent to your customers after checkout.
  • Offer additional discounts to your outbound quotes even after the quote has been sent to the customer.
  • Create email templates that can be applied to your outbound quotes, allowing you to send quotes in under a minute.
  • Measure properties using the online measuring tool and quickly import the address and measurment data into a new outbound quote.
  • Automatically stores the customers basic information (name, email, address, lawn size) into your contact list, allowing you to quickly generate quotes for them.

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