How to best manage your "List." What? You don't even have a list?

As the world of marketing continues to change from simple outbound lead sources like print advertising, yellow pages, referral, sponsorship and direct mail, the lawn and landscape industry is being forced to change too.   Trying to build a campaign and streamlined sales process can be a challenge. When you start to think about all the moving parts involved with the marketing side of your business you can very quickly become overwhelmed.

One of the most important things you can do to improve your visibility, processes and closing percent is actually one of most simple.   If you haven’t done this yet you will continue to fall further and further behind with regards to modern marketing.

Does your business have a list?  Yes, a list!  Something as simple as keeping track of who you’ve been in contact with can increase your new customers tenfold with ease. integrates seamlessly with making your list building and potential customer communications as easy as can be.

Of course you have a list of your existing customer base but how about the customers that requested an estimate and decided not to use your service?  How about customers who were with you in the past but then decided to discontinue?  Did you know that “reject” and “cancel” leads can close at a much higher rate than just about any other type of lead that comes through your door?  It’s true!

Developing your list is an absolute must in today’s marketing climate and it’s so easy to do. 

Remember the golden rule with everything customer contact you ever have, “Always get the email!”  Having the ability to connect with prospective customers periodically will always help you grow your business. 

Here are a few reasons you need to be a “List Builder” starting today.

Make More Sales!

Because your mailing list is comprised of people who trust your company as the local expert it is usually a convenient venue to advertise your program to potential customers. Since users are more likely to open your email, you will have their attention right off the bat.  The challenge here is the fact that your success depends on your ability to deliver an effective sales pitch.

Exclusive Offers

A mailing list is also convenient when launching special offers for various in season services. For example, a lawn service could sell preventative grub control at a set price to existing customers.  However, you could cut the price in half for those who are opted into the list in order to attempt to drive more annual program sales.

General Updates

There is nothing wrong with the good old fashioned newsletter approach especially in the confines of the lawn and landscape industry.   By sending out consistent correspondence with your list you will always be top of mind and become a trusted source of information. subscribers take full advantage of the integration.  Every time you provide an outbound quote or a customer performs an inbound quote, that customer’s information is automatically updated to your MailChimp account, and vice versa.  Whenever a potential customer opts into your mailing list via social media or your website they are added to your customer list in  This integration makes it extremely easy to consistently be able to deliver real time information to anybody who is interested in your service.